Parenting From Cradle To College

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Dr. Denny Nissley, a published author, has been in full time ministry 1979. He has preached the Gospel in 50 states and 13 countries around the world. He and his wife Sandy have been married for over 32 years, have 11 children, 3 grandchildren and speak internationally on Marriage and the Family.  Select the CD version or the new digital MP3 files on a CIA USB Drive.

CD Contents: 

1. Introduction and Overview  
2. Foundations for Discipline 
3. Parental Authority and Discipline 
4. Panel Discussion (4 of Denny and Sandy's oldest children fielded questions from parents on a variety of subjects) 
5. Culture vs. Christianity 
6. Communication 
7. Spanking - Use and Abuse 
8. Family Facts 
9. Birth to 5 
10. Age 6 to 12 
11. Age 13 to 18 
12. Age 18 and Beyond 



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