CIA has been deployed since mid October, where Hurricane Ian devistated Southwest Florida. We have been using volunteer teams to gut flooded homes and heavy equipment to demolish destroyed structures. You can see some of what we've done and the people we've helped on our facebook page.

As these communities are beginning to enter the next phase of recovery and rebuilding, our work is coming to an end. January 25th the last of our team and equipment will be begin the journey back to Virginia with all of our equipment and tools. When we get there, we need help to "Demobilize": putting everything back in storage, reorganizing things and getting everything set so we are ready to roll the next time we are called on to respond to a major disaster. We'll be doing everything from cleaning out/washing vehicles and trailers to sorting rakes & shovels and moving heavy equipment around. We will be demobilizing on Friday Jamuary 27, 2023. Because the hazards are reduced, for this event we are accepting volunteers as young as 13 when accompanied by an adult. Please register below to let us know when you are available. Thank you for being willing to help us!

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