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Lake Charles, LA



All volunteers MUST watch this Pre-Deployment video from Christ In Action before registering and read our COVID SOP

Disaster zones are hazardous areas, and we need everyone to be on the same page so we can operate safely as a

unified team. Please take a few minutes and watch this video to hear some of what to expect while deployed with CIA.


  • All volunteers must be 18 years old and in good health. The work we are doing is hard work in varying weather conditions.
  • There is no cost to volunteer with us, we provide food and lodging, but transportation is your responsibility.
  • You must submit your arrival and departure dates with your online registration.
  • We require a full day (6am-5pm) minimum commitment. If you arrive in the middle of the day you probably will not be able to go out into the community, but you may be able to help around the basecamp. If you are a local volunteer, we will still need you to register online, arrive by 6AM, and plan to work all day until 5PM. We cannot make exceptions. 
  • We can sometimes facilitate water and power RV hook ups this time at Camp Hope; however, no septic available. Please let us know if you plan to bring your RV.
  • No pets are permitted at Camp Hope.
  • Each volunteer must register 24 hours in advance so we know exactly who and how many people will be coming so we can plan our work teams and which jobs we can do each day.
  • Please print and sign the CIA Volunteer Waiver form and bring it with you to the site, Camp Hope.
  • When registering, provide your arrival and departure date.  Registration is not a guarantee for deploying. We are currently scheduling volunteers from September 12 - October 9, 2020.

After registering online, you will receive 2 emails:

  1. Registration Confirmation: This email will be an automated confirmation that we successfully received your registration.
  2. Approval email: This will come within 24 hours of registration and contain the location of our site and instructions on what to pack and any other pertinent details. If you are "denied" it is most likely because we have reached our maximum capacity for that time frame and we will suggest other dates.


  • At this time we are working around Lake Charles, LA. We do not publish the exact address for Camp Hope. You will receive this information in an approval email within 24 hours of submitting your registration and are not to share or post this information.
  • All volunteers are responsible to get themselves to and from Camp Hope.
  • The nearest domestic airport is Lake Charles (LCH).   We are unable to provide transfers.

If you have any questions about volunteering with Christ In Action, please email or call our Volunteer Coordinator at (703) 559-6864.

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