Christ In Action is deployed in New Bern, North Carolina in response to Hurricane Florence. We need you to join us so we can effectively help those who have been impacted. There are 3 primary ways you can help:


1. Volunteer - We need people who are willing to work (hard) to help clean out homes, remove fallen trees, and (when needed) tear down homes that have been destroyed by the storm.  (Volunteer registration has now been closed.)

2. Give. It takes a lot of diesel to keep our trucks, equipment, and generators running- not to mention the cost of repairs, feeding our crews and residents, and keeping the lights on at our host church. You can help support our deployment financially by making a donation here.

3. Pray. This is a spiritual battle. We are bringing the hope of Jesus into a place where the enemy has come to steal, kill and destroy. We need you to join with us in praying for the residents who have been impacted - that they would see hope even in the midst of their devestation. We need you to pray for our core team and volunteers, for safety, strength and endurance in the midst of grueling work and long hours. Pray that we would be able to effectively share the gospel with those we minister to.


If you would like to help by sending something tangible to us, please take a look at our wishlist at We have all kinds of needs, from food and coffee, to tools and office equipment.


If you want to set up a donation drive to bring needed items down, please contact us directly before you start collecting anything to make sure we currently need the items you are collecting. If you come down with donated items that we can't use or distribute we will not be able to take them.


If you know someone affected by Hurricane Florence and needs help in their home,

call the Crisis Cleanup hotline to be put on a national list where a volunteer organization may be able to provide free assistance.

Call 800-451-1954

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