This week, a few tornadoes and severe storms swept across Fauquier and Prince William Counties in Virginia. We got a call from the Fauquier County Emergency Services asking for help, and we sent a team immediately with chainsaws and heavy equipment to help clear fallen trees and other debris. Our core team has been able to help several families over the last few days, and we have more requests coming in, following a brief news story that highlighted our help. This week we have jobs lined up for Monday (4/10) and Tuesday (4/11) (that might stretch into Wednesday (4/12)). We need help! If you have a flexible schedule or if you can take a day off work, we'd love to have you come out and work with us.

While we do need volunteers, we also need your financial help to pay for the cost of fuel and equipment repairs. Because of your support, we are able to help people like Scott at no charge. 


Please pray for the people who have been devastated by these storms and pray for our team and volunteers on the ground.

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