Christ In Action established a base in Mobile, AL in 2015, partnering with churches, organizations and individuals in the area to empower and equip local teams to deploy to smaller disasters regionally when CIA as a whole is not called upon. This base also serves as reinforcements for CIA during times of crisis, brinigng additional supplies, needed equipment and fresh volunteers, when we deploy on a national level to major disasters.


Christ In Action Launches Base in Mobile, AL from Christ In Action on Vimeo.


We have staged several relief units - including heavy machinery, cooking, sanitation, and transportation components - as well as other equipment (such as chainsaws, shovels and rakes)  in Mobile that will be ready to roll at a moments notice.The proximity to the Gulf Coast makes this a strategic location for deploying help expediently. This area is far enough inland to avoid major damage from hurricanes, but close enough to be of immediate assistance. Likewise, it is further south than tornadoes generally go, but near enough that they could help the day a storm hits.


You can help us bring hope to the Gulf Coast! Anyone can donate to help with the everyday expenses of Christ In Action | Mobile, AL - expenses like mantinence on the vehicles and repairs on the chainsaws and other equipment. Aside from on-going expenses the greatest current need is for a good, heavy duty, pick up truck (F250 or F350) to tow equipment and haul supplies.



If you live in the area we would love to have you on a team to volunteer with our Mobile, AL base. Teams deploying locally would need to be available directly after a storm and would deploy for 2-4 days. Even if you aren't local (to Mobile) or aren't available immediately, you can still volunteer with CIA when we deploy nationally. Register as a volunteer with us and we'll let you know where we're going and when we need you.

Thank you for helping us, as we continue Bringing Hope To America's Families!

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